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  1. Basically, i'm was gone last week because...School. I have to concentrate for my exam in April, that means my time is short. Even though i will rarely visit this forum(i still have some time to checking out SmartPlay's updates and do other stuff) Farewell everyone (BTW, wish me luck :P )
  2. Thanks mate, hopefully you're able to release other stuff later ;) (Though i'm actually not playing cs:go for a while -_-‚Äč)
  3. Nobody cares about your shitty skin... Yeah... At least he promises he release a skin. If you really hate him so much, just ignore him so you don't give a crap about his inventory fix... I better go to settings and ignore this guy, what an ungrateful bastard.
  4. Enable it first in options Go to options --> Game Settings --> Enable Developer Console {~} Maybe your options are restarted. I know its sound stupid, but it happens to me for quite some times.
  5. 1. For add more bots: bot_quota "bots"(e.g bot_quota 19) For other commands? I don't know, it's kinda disappointed that cs:go can't change game rules unlike other cs games... 2. If you want to play cs:go server, you can play it with SmartPlay's test server or you can go to "Advertise your server" forum sections. 3. Well, i don't know about tournament. I rarely see people playing on test server(though i actually have a different timeline with people out here). And this forum are pretty much mainly to let people playing Counter Strike for free. IMO
  6. Is it have the same feature like other shortener URL? where you can get money with clicks?
  7. Why some people use their own language while he already realise everyone in this forum use english!? I mean seriously...
  8. Seems like there's a misconception... What MadoGameR say is mounting an image file with OSFMount, not want to see an image of your cs:go Please show some respect. He just trying to help you, some people here also having different problem than others, and SmartPlay is busy to update cs:go to latest version and improving Junkies Loader. For your problem, i kinda confused your connecting to server problem. All i can say is do it again exactly like on the first page video. Because i always connect to server that avaible for no-steam and test server. P.S: Also, try to use edit button instead of double-post.
  9. Looks like something missing when you installed it. Try to re-install it or if that doesn't work, try to redownload it (in the first page).
  10. Uhh, did you run the game through csgo.exe or JunkiesLoader?
  11. What do you mean? Can you describe your problem more detail?
  12. I just give the step to download it, things can get confusing. 1. Download Counter Strike Global Offensive in the first post by SmartPlay.(Download for CS:GO) 2. Download the latest patch.(Download for the latest patch) 3. You also need to have this image file.(Download for img) WARNING: You CANNOT use tools like Daemon Tools, Magic Disc or software like that, you HAVE to use OSFMOUNT to mount it.
  13. The one you download is old, go to the first page on this thread and download this version.
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