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  1. Thanks mate, and sorry because I misspelled your nickname.
  2. But "bir3yk" server working perfectly without crashing in EnableNSNetSvc = TCP and with items at online BubaGod !! great work from "bir3yk" give him my regards :)
  3. The server works again... And with items working online http://i.imgur.com/O90uQ06.jpg even SmartPlay has fixed this message "this game requires steam" every thing is okay.. Now you don't need to worry about anything just reinstall the game then install latest patch.
  4. Thanks Smart for this great work :) Now the Noob's will be more disturbing than before :P Can someone upload latest patch on MediaFire or any site ! i can't downloads from here :)
  5. Guys seriously, please be patient. Admin is doing all it can for us, without asking for anything in return. I know that the establishment of a new patch with update is not easy Indeed, it is very difficult, to enter the file system of the game then extract the new files from the old, it requires a lot of focus Just imagine, how the Admin extracting update files from among more than 6,000 file So please trust in the Admin, and be patient.
  6. I like this Paolo "If I were them I'd just concentrate on making the game more awesome" This is also my opinionI think that Valve has forget this side a lot, just wasting their time on protection the game Btw.. just look for what happened to the SG553 and the last GUI, Valve make from them like a shit You're right about the time, but this is not a real Crack, it is just an Emulation and BreakingOnly some Russian Cracked this game but it's not working after nowBtw.. we're still play this game with Steam, The real Crack means the ability to play this game without requirements
  7. It seems you're very excited, even you went away too :)Don't offend my understanding, I say that because I didn't see you play this game before :P
  8. Right. but there are lot of Steam users playing on cracked serves... how! by the way are you able to join cracked servers with your original game ? Does this mean that Admins of cracked server could banning Steam users ?
  9. Yeah I saw that player alsoI asked him what launcher you use, and he said it's tough to get them, then I told him, you just buying the game, then he said, you're right !!!Damn, I think it's some of the idiots who use steam, and mocking us.
  10. I'm not fixing recoil deagle by copying from shits of steam usersI did it myself, and i can also do this from the first day valve released this game I just told him to put everything in his place Then you came like you know everything, but the truth isn't soDon't act like you know everything about me You're wrong on this point. you are the only noob here, who doesn't uselessJust crying like a bitch, and posting your spam
  11. You are stealing my work <_< He is my tutorial : http://forum.planetcss.com/topic/3091-how-to-change-your-avatar/ Say at least it's not your real work <_<
  12. Hey Smart i have a good Idea for you :) Please look to the console for what i can do As you can see, we can writing what we like in the console :) I plan to add this idea to the next Patches, then you can writing what you want Like the adress IP of your server, and the game Version, etc And everyone who opens the console he will see what we write in the console :D
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