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  1. Hey this really worked and was very easy, so thanks smartplay and keep the good work up. :D :P ;) :ph34r: :lol: B)
  2. have u mounted the image ? and for further information please try reading the tutorials first instead of using this comment box .... :mellow:
  3. Install in any other drive ( not in os containing Drive .)
  4. I really know whats their problem , :mellow: they installed their game in drive containing os and in win 7 & 8 the computer never allows the process access windows drive during it run time .. so please install the game in any other drive ........ :)
  5. I have the same problems you have earlier when i installed in the os installed drive so just uninstall your game and install in any other drive except c and the game will work fine try it and reply.. :ph34r: B) :lol: :D :P
  6. I think the main problem is with skins so better try UDP ........ I mean using skins makes the game to crash and uses 100% processor so First uninstall the game including its DIR and registries and Then reinstall the game and play it untouched.
  7. Try using both i think it should work cause it includes "TCP" :mellow:
  8. This also says that server is offline........... see it your self. https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  9. TEST Server is down.......... :wacko: :unsure: :angry: :( :mellow:
  10. What ,,,,,,,,,,i Don't get what are you saying .. :blink: :huh:
  11. @samrtplay Hey man after seeing the size of patch from u every time i can that u patches all the file from the beginning and that's why the size increase every time and we have to re-install the client each and every time we update our game and this sucks ............. I really want to know that is it possible for you to please upload on the latest file cause we all have the previous one and the download size also too much for some slow net users....... :P so please try patching the new files only. :mellow: I am re-posting This so that you can answer me please ....bro i am waiting @samrtplay
  12. Can u please write it in understandable language please cause i only know English and Hindi..
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