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  1. I think Deagle has big recoil because Valve wanted the game become "balance". Strong weapon costs much recoil.
  2. Hey SmartPlay, if i use your patch, will i get same SteamID from revEmu? I want to get another SteamID.
  3. Still the best FPS of Counter-Strike franchise that worth to play.
  4. This is normal. Steam and non-steam usually get this when they join a server. About this, play at another server or host a server yourself
  5. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Counter-Strike Global Offensive Junkies. Open rev.ini, find playername and change planetcss.com to anything you want.
  6. Would you please upload the update file for at another host? It's slow for me, about 5 kb/s
  7. You can go to gametracker.com
  8. Hey, does anyone remember how nKing321 modified the game news?
  9. I have some notice like this:" Some of game files have different signature. You can't join VAC Secured Server". What is it mean?
  10. Like in the title, he means the thread, not his account's title.
  11. Careful when you post your Steam account here.
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