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CS:GO - Best Selected Maps from Steam Workshop

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Since Steam Workshop is only available for those who really own the game, I decided to start a thread to help those who don't (and also non-steamer). Please don't question about my taste of choosing these maps, I have selected them based on the best looking and realistic (a.k.a. not a cheap made) maps that are released on Steam Workshop, although some aspects, for example competitive side, are put aside ;)
There will be no cash links! All download links are direct download and uploaded using either MirrorCreator and MultiUpload to ensure multiple host and good availability.
When any of these maps gets updated, I will update this thread.
This post looks a little dull :D Don't worry, when I have time, I'll improve this post. And also, everybody is welcome to post their choice of maps. Only if I like that map too, I will add it into my list (and thus saving me for re-uploading it again), but your download link must be clean from any cash link. 
Meantime, here's a list of my favorites maps (incomplete - uploading in progress - list will be added periodically - list will point to post in case it gets separated too far from this post)
  • Downtown
  • Museum
  • ...


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Tutorials How to Play These Maps


Before you play, here the list of gameplay type, you have to enter them in order to change the type of the gameplay. If you don't enter one of them, the default that would be pick by the game is the "casual" one.

  • casual
  • competitive
  • deathmatch
  • armsrace
  • demolition
  • custom

Some of these maps support more than one from gametype above. Always read carefully what the maps offer. Example Erming supports all of the game types but Museum only supports 2 which are classic and deathmatch, so don't try to enter any other than those 2 on when you play Museum.


If you're a client and solo player (not connected to server):

  1. Extract the map from archive using WinRAR to <your_csgo_install_location>\csgo\maps\custom. Examples: D:\Games\CsGo\csgo\maps\custom
  2. Run the game
  3. Make sure the Console is enabled on the Game Options
  4. Open the Console by pressing ` (default key - may change)
  5. Type in the Console: map custom\<map_name> <gametype>. Example map custom\cs_museum deathmatch

If you're a server wants to serve a custom maps to your clients:


... coming soon.


Changing the bots settings or others based on the game types:


... coming soon.

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Add pool day here. :D

I will - but please be patience, there's a long list - I'm uploading accordingly to my subscribed items's list so I can easily maintain the list ;)

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GREAT THREAD I'll pin it.

Thanks for your support - actually, it is I that owe to you for providing a real non-steam solution of CSGO ;) Without your work, this list will be worthless.


This list is quite long, I subscribed a lots of maps since mostly I play with bot(y)-bot(y) :D - I hope I'll be able to maintain it properly - not to mention to imgur that I use to host the images hopefully is able to provide sufficient bandwidth.

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