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[HELP WANTED] What can prevent anti_rush plugin from slaying people?

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Pls help me... I'm absolutely clueless... I know that a thousand things can cause this ,but if u had the same problem ,and solved it ,pls tell me how did u do it.

So ,the case:
The anti_rush (eventscript) plugin is working ,but it doesn't slay people.
If I set it to "kick" or "ban" people it does it's job ,but something prevents it from slaying players...
I've reinstalled it countless times with no luck... the same thing happens with the sourcemod version of the plugin: every punishment method works ,except for the slay. 

So my question is:
What can possibly prevent slaying normal players (without immunity rights) being slayed by the anti_rush plugin on a CSS v34 server with Mani admin plugin ,sm ,est and eventscripts installed? 

Give me ideas pls!

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